Exploration workshops

Guided tours through ignored spaces of the city


These guided tours are about exploring ignored parts of the city. Spaces free from commerce and control, where there is a possibility for contemplation. Participants are given instructions they then use to search for the route themselves, one by one or in small groups.

The teacher prepares each tour in several days of fieldwork before the workshop, following hints provided by local contacts. The walk takes about four hours, and is preceded by a lecture about the ideas that give it meaning.

The routes are based on the subjective vision of the environment advocated in situationist writings and turned into everyday experience by graffiti writers and urban explorers. Each tour traverses a parallel city free from the control of capital and oblivious to its predictable spaces of production, transport or consumption. A city where anything can happen.

This parallel city expands around the known city, in the form of waste grounds, areas undergoing development or areas around big infrastructures. But it also leaks inside it, filling every crevice the system doesn’t use: in empty lots, under bridges, along railway tracks, roads and waterways, inside tunnels and abandoned structures.

The absence of any control makes this city a natural environment for outcasts, from homeless people to graffiti artists. For the average citizen, alienated by commerce and control, to traverse this territory involves a surprising shift in perception, and opens mind space for contemplation, for getting in contact with actual existence.

See photographs from past editions:

Vienna 2018
Tartu 2018
Cologne 2017
Castellón 2017
Valencia 2016
Barcelona 2015
Berlín 2015
Besançon 2012
Granada 2012
Santander 2011