Tag: name writing in public space

A conference about tagging, in history and today
Berlin 2017

The Tag Conference is a first attempt to conceptually frame contemporary tagging, and to study it alongside its abundant but largely ignored historical antecedents. Directed by Javier Abarca and Edward Birzin for JFK Institute, Freie Universität, Berlin.


Art publishing fair

Unlock is the first publishing fair dedicated to graffiti and street art. Its opening edition took place in Barcelona in October 2016. Unlock’s four-day programme included readings, lectures, presentations, and the participation of more than 50 publishers from Europe and America. Directed by Javier Abarca.

Graffiti as psychogeographical map

Seminar with Adam, Akay and Wermke Leinkauf
Santander 2011

Graffiti as psychogeographical map brought together a group of artists whose work has quietly revolutionised the field of encounter between graffiti and contemporary art. Building upon the ideas of situationist psychogeography, the analysis of the work of these artists was presented as a guide to study graffiti from new and revealing perspectives. Directed by Javier Abarca, commissioned by UIMP.

Eltono: Deambular

Solo exhibition and residence by Eltono
Vitoria 2012

Deambular was the first solo exhibition in a Spanish museum by an artist coming from the street art scene. In more than two weeks of residency Eltono used both the exhibition space and the streets as workshop, stage and material. The result is a series of simple and modest projects that effortlessly involve the viewer in a magical experience of the city. Co-curated by Javier Abarca for Artium museum.

Postgraffiti, geometría y abstracción

Exhibition with MOMO and Eltono
A Coruña 2010

In Postgraffiti, geometry and abstraction the exhibition space was used as an archive of photographs and videos of pieces the artists had produced in the street following their usual methodologies. As a main feature Eltono was commissioned to produce a hybrid project between the street and the exhibition space, following the line of work he had started to explore the previous year. Fundación Caixa Galicia, A Coruña. Curated by Javier Abarca.

Documentary screenings in A Coruña

Screening of seven international films
A Coruña 2010

Documentary screenings series for MUAU festival. Seven films were screened, among them Infamy and Who is Bozo Texino? Screening series directed by Javier Abarca.