About the seminars

The seminars are series of theory classes on graffiti and street art designed and delivered by Javier Abarca, a renowned figure in the Spanish graffiti scene and an international reference in this field of study. The classes are the product of 10 years of experience teaching these topics at the university.


The classes provide a comprehensive panoramic study of graffiti and street art: their histories, their inner workings, and their relation with society.

The programme consist of 20 classes and is divided into four thematic segments of five classes each. Starting with this programme, a custom-made seminar can be programmed to fit the needs of the interested institution.

See the detailed contents of the programme.

Potential audience:

Sharing this knowledge for more than 10 years with hundreds of students of every age and background has allowed the teacher to design lectures which reach the core of the key questions, while at the same time being enjoyable, dynamic and accessible for people without prior knowledge.


Each class is two-hours long.

The classes can be scheduled to fit the needs of the interested institution. It is possible, for example, to programme a week-long seminar (one class every afternoon for five days), an intensive seminar (five classes in one weekend), even something shorter (one or two classes in one afternoon).


Carballo 2018
Madrid 2018
Ordes 2017
Fuerteventura 2016
Madrid 2016
Almagro 2014
Madrid 2013–14