Graffiti as calligraphy

Practical calligraphy workshops

Tags are the central element of graffiti, but also its lesser known part. Whether they are executed with a marker, a spraycan, a roller or even a fire extinguisher, tags are part of a calligraphic school born in the early seventies. A tradition of stylised writing with its characteristic formal conventions, tools, supports and uses.

In these workshops participants get to experiment with their calligraphic abilities using styles and tools characteristic of graffiti writing. The workshop helps appreciate this surprisingly interesting calligraphic tradition, the only one widely practiced in western countries.

Introductory talk: History of the calligraphic practice of graffiti

We speak about how, throughout the decades, graffiti writers have colonised different surfaces of the city by transforming industrial tools (aerosols, markers, fire extinguishers, and many more) into calligraphic tools. And about how generations of writers from all continents have deconstructed and reinvented the alphabet in countless different calligraphic traditions.

Workshop: Introduction to the calligraphic practice of graffiti

Participants practise with some of the most characteristic writing tools, techniques and methodologies of graffiti, and learn to give shape to a name using different conventions and styles from the rich heritage of graffiti culture.

Past editions:

Madrid 2016

taller graffiti como caligrafia urbanario 2016 03